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During an excursion in Denpasar, it is then that I meet Made (another one!). 

This old man holds a workshop on the famous fabric street, the Jalan Sulawesi...

He waves at me and asks me to come closer. He insists on showing me something. He is as impatient as a collier proud to show his most precious gem. 

In the back of the shop, the fabric rolls are piling up in an explosion of of tons and textures. He has an anecdote to to share on every used technics. 

He wants to introduce me to « batik », this art of patience and fastidiousness and I’m captivated. 

I still remember the elation when coming out of his shop. 

Two days later the Tradisi collection was created…and I dedicate it to Made.    

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Unique weaved clutch.Created with laminated paper prints.Interior satin zip pocket.Medal and chain.

50,00 €
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Unique weaved wallet. Created with laminated paper prints. Interior satin zip pocket. Medal and chain.

25,00 €
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items